60hr Yoga Philosophy Course by Sthira Yoga Courses

60hr Yoga Philosophy Course

By the time you complete this course you would have learnt the overview of the Indian philosophy, important yoga sutras of Patanjali, detailed study of 8 limbs, complex philosophical concepts made simple and how to incorporate yoga philosophy into your life and classes.

Course Offerings

At the end of the training, you will be able to
  • Have an overview of yoga philosophy
  • Know important yoga sutras and their meaning
  • Understand complex concepts made simple
  • Incorporate philosophy into asana classes
  • Incorporating philosophy into daily life
  • Application of yoga philosophy for one’s own spiritual progress
  • Understanding Samadhi and enlightenment
  • Chanting of important yoga sutras
  • Practice of  philosophy (Vedanta) based meditations
 The curriculum
  • Vedas and six schools of philosophy
  • Different paths of yoga
  • Introduction to yoga sutras
  • Important yoga sutras and their detailed discussion
  • Concept of Gunas
  • Concept of vrittis, kleshas
  • Joy Is My Nature
  • Abhyasa and Vairagya
  • Creation model
  • Eight  limbs
  • Concepts of Ishvara and OM
  • Sutra concerning friendliness and compassion
  • Yamas and Niyamas elaborately explained
  • Mechanism of thought process, philosophically
  • Pancha koshas
  • Re-incarnation
  • Chanting of important sutras
  • Samadhis and Enlightenment
  • Incorporating philosophy into asana classes
  • Incorporating philosophy into daily life
  • Summary of Bhagavad Gita
  • Summary of Yoga Sutras
  • Meditations

Course Contains:

Video Icon 49 videos File Icon 2 files Text Icon 28 text files

Course Contents

Lesson-1: Orientation & Course Manual
Orientation Guide.docx
20.7 KB
743 KB
Lesson-2: Full Pranayama Practice
Full Pranayama Practice 60 mins.m4v
(1h 00m 04s)
Self practice
Lesson-3: Many paths of Yoga-1
Many Paths Of Yoga - 1.m4v
(1h 09m 33s)
Lesson-3: Many paths of Yoga-1: Quiz
Lesson-4: Many Paths of Yoga-2
Many Paths Of Yoga - 2.m4v
52 mins
Lesson-4: Many Paths of Yoga-2: Quiz
Lesson-5: Ancient Indian Wisdom-1 (Vedas)
Ancient Indian Wisdom -1(Vedas).m4v
45 mins
Lesson-5: Ancient Indian Wisdom-1 (Vedas): Quiz
Lesson-6: Ancient Indian Wisdom-2 (Vedas-Darshanas)
Ancient Indian Wisdom-2 (Vedas - Darshanas).m4v
42 mins
Lesson-6: Ancient Indian Wisdom-2 (Vedas-Darshanas): Quiz
Lesson-7: Meditation-1 (Panchakosha)
Meditation - 1(Panchakosha).m4v
28 mins
Lesson-8: Pranayama Practice
Pranayama Practice.m4v
49 mins
Self practice
Lesson-9: Introduction to Yoga Sutras
Intro To Yoga Sutras.m4v
51 mins
Lesson-9: Introduction to Yoga Sutras: Quiz
Lesson-10: Sutra 1.1
Sutra 1.1.m4v
49 mins
Self study
Lesson-11 : Gunas
50 mins
Lesson-11 : Gunas: Quiz
Lesson-12: Pranayama Practice
Pranayama Practice.m4v
37 mins
Lesson-13: Meditation-2
Meditation - General.m4v
34 mins
Self practice
Lesson-14: Vrittis (Sutra 1.5 to 1.11)
Vrittis (Sutra 1.5 To 1.11).m4v
54 mins
Lesson-15: 5 Kleshas
5 Kleshas.m4v
(1h 00m 12s)
Lesson-16: Joy Is My Nature
57 mins
Lesson-17: Abhyaasa
50 mins
Lesson-18: Vairagya
57 mins
Lesson-19: Meditation-3
Meditation - 3 (Sushumna).m4v
24 mins
Self practice
Lesson-20: Creation Model
Creation Model.m4v
28 mins
Lesson-20: Creation Model : Quiz
Self study
Lesson-21: Avoid Future Suffering
Avoid Future Suffering (Sutra 2.16 And 17).m4v
49 mins
Lesson-22: Pranayama Practice
30 Min Pranayama Practice.m4v
37 mins
Lesson-23: 8 Limbs-1
8 Limbs - 1.m4v
46 mins
Lesson-24: 8 Limbs-2 (Yamas)
8 Limbs-2(Yamas).m4v
(1h 01m 41s)
Lesson-25: Ishvara
31 mins
Self study
Lesson-26: OM
29 mins
Self Practice
Lesson-27: Meditation-4
Meditation-4 (Pratyahara).m4v
23 mins
Self practice
Lesson-28: Developing Friendliness and Compassion
Developing Friendliness and compassion (Sutra 1.33).mp4
60 mins
Lesson-29: Meditation-5
Meditation -5 (Pratyahara).m4v
23 mins
Lesson-30 : Mechanism of Thought Process
Mechanism Of Thought Process (BG 2.62 To 65).m4v
47 mins
Lesson-31: Samadhi-1
Samadhis - 1.m4v
(1h 15m 30s)
Lesson-31: Samadhi-1 : Quiz
Self study
Lesson-32: Samadhi-2
Samadhi - 2.m4v
(1h 05m 40s)
Lesson-33: Pancha kosha Theory
Pancha Kosha Theory.m4v
22 mins
Lesson-34: Re-incarnation
58 mins
Lesson-35: Pranayama Practice
Pranayama Practice.m4v
37 mins
Lesson-36: Chanting & Meaning of Opening Prayers
Chanting & Meaning Of Opening Prayers.m4v
32 mins
Lesson-37: Chanting of Important Sutras
Chanting Of Important Sutras.m4v
36 mins
Self practice
Lesson-38: Meditation-6
Meditation-12 (Saakshi Bhaav).m4v
32 mins
Lesson-39: 8 Limbs-3 (Niyamas etc)
8 Limbs - 3 (Niyamas Etc).m4v
48 mins
Lesson 40: 8 Limbs-4 (Additional Yamas & Niyamas)
8 Limbs - 4 (Additional Yamas & Niyamas).m4v
38 mins
Lesson-41: Meditation-7
Meditation (Inner Light).m4v
25 mins
Lesson-42: Obstacles in Meditation and How to overcome them
Obstacles In Meditation And How To Overcome Them.m4v
31 mins
Lesson-43: Obstacles-2
Obstacles - 2.m4v
23 mins
Lesson-44: Pranayama practice
Pranayama Practice 60 mins.m4v
(1h 00m 04s)
Lesson-45: Incorporating Philosophy into Asana Class
Incorporating Philosophy Into Asana Class.m4v
32 mins
Lesson-46: Incorporating Philosophy into Daily Life-1
Incorporating Philosophy Into Daily Life - 1.m4v
31 mins
Lesson-47: Incorporating Philosophy into Daily life-2
Incorporating Philosophy Into Daily Life - 2.m4v
39 mins
Lesson-48: Summary of 4 chapters
Summary Of 4 Chapters.m4v
(1h 01m 17s)
Lesson-49: Meditation-8
Meditation - (Witness).m4v
33 mins
Lesson-50: Summary of Bhagavad Gita
Summary of Bhagavad Gita-Zoom Recording.mp4
(1h 03m 28s)
Final Exam (Assessment)
Final Exam (Assessment)