60hr Pranayama & Meditation Teacher Training Course by Sthira Yoga Courses

60hr Pranayama & Meditation Teacher Training Course

By the time you complete this course you would have learnt all important Pranayamas, theory, practice and how to teach; Basics of Meditation, Different meditation practices, how to teach meditation.

Course Offerings

At the end of the training, you will be able to
  • Understand 7 groups of Pranayamas : Theory, Practice and to teach
  • Understand the theory and practice of Meditation
  • Understand different obstacles in meditation and how to overcome them
  • Design and guide a Pranayama class
  • Design and guide a meditation class
  • Design and guide a session combining pranayama and meditation
The Curriculum
  • The basics of Pranayama
  • Seven groups of Pranayamas : Theory and Practice
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • How to teach each Pranayama technique
  • Theory of Meditation
  • Five groups of Meditations : Practice of each one of them
  • How to teach Meditation for beginners
  • Obstacles in Pranayama & Meditation and how to overcome them
  • Daily Pranayama & Meditation practice

Course Contains:

Video Icon 45 videos File Icon 30 files Text Icon 15 text files

Course Contents

Lesson-1: Orientation & Course Manual
Orientation Guide.docx
17.5 KB
1.05 MB
Lesson-2: History & Key terms
History & Key terms of Pranayama.docx
29.7 KB
Quiz on some of the key terms
Lesson-3: Introduction
Introduction to Pranayama (word file).docx
265 KB
Introduction to Pranayama.m4v
53 mins
Lesson-3 (Introduction): Quiz
Lesson-4: Physiology of Respiratory system
How Do Your Lungs Work
Diaphragm (anatomy)
Anatomy and Physiology of Respiratory system
Mechanism of Breathing
Basics of the Respiratory System.mp4
27 mins
Basics of Nervous System.mp4
19 mins
Assignment 1
Lesson-5: Yogic Breathing
Theory of Yogic breathing.docx
98.4 KB
Yogic Breathing-Theory Video.m4v
15 mins
Sectional Breathing & YB (comp).m4v
42 mins
Breath Observation.m4a
16 mins
Yogic Breathing.m4a
23 mins
Assignment - 2.docx
17.6 KB
Yogic Breathing: Quiz
Lesson-6 & 7: Kapalabhati & Bhastrika
Theory-Kapalabhati & Bhastrika(word file).docx
54.8 KB
Kalapabhati & Bhastrika(Lecture).m4v
58 mins
Practice & How To Teach Kapalabhati & Bhastrika.m4v
59 mins
Assignment - 3.docx
17.7 KB
Kapalabhati & Bhastrika: Quiz
Lesson-8: Nadi shodhana
Theory of Nadishodhana (Word file).docx
51.5 KB
Nadishodhana (Theory).m4v
59 mins
Nadishodhana (Practice).m4v
30 mins
Nadi Shodhana( Level-1 : Theory).m4v
14 mins
Nadi Shodhana (Level-1 : Practice).m4v
31 mins
Assignment - 4.docx
17.6 KB
Nadi shodhana: Quiz
LESSON-9: Cooling Pranayamas
Cooling Pranayamas-Practice.m4v
14 mins
Cooling Pranayams -Theory.docx
22.5 KB
Assignment - 5.docx
15.8 KB
Lesson-10: Ujjayi & Bhramari
Ujjayi & Bhramari - theory & practice.m4v
36 mins
Ujjayi & Bhramari - Brief theory.docx
17.4 KB
Assignment - 6.docx
16.3 KB
LESSON-11: Teaching Pranayama
1. Teaching Pranayama - General Class.m4v
26 mins
2. Teaching Yogic Breathing.m4v
14 mins
3. Sequencing a Pranayama Class.m4v
28 mins
4. Teaching Pranayama - Advanced.m4v
23 mins
Assignment - 7.docx
16.1 KB
LESSON -12: Jala Neti & Sutra Neti
Jala Neti & Sutra Neti.m4v
35 mins
LESSON-13: Additional Practice Sessions
20 min Pranayama Practice.mp4
23 mins
30 Min Pranayama Practice.m4v
37 mins
Full Pranayama Practice - 60Min.m4v
(1h 00m 04s)
Assignment-8, 9 & 10.docx
9.93 KB
LESSON-14: Some scientific studies on pranayama
Articles of scientific studies.docx
14.6 KB
Lesson-15: Introduction to Meditation
Introduction To Meditation.m4v
58 mins
Benefits Of Meditation.m4v
40 mins
Why could meditation practice help promote mental health and well-being in aging?
Researchers study how meditation seems to change the brain in depressed patients
Lesson-16: Obstacles in Meditation and How to overcome them
Obstacles In Meditation And How To Overcome Them.m4v
31 mins
Lesson-17: Being with the breath Practice -1
Being With The Breath (Anapana) Practice-1.m4v
31 mins
Being With Your Breath-2.mp4
28 mins
Lesson-18: Breath with Soham Practice -1
Breath With Soham Practice-1.m4v
29 mins
Breath With Soham-2.mp4
25 mins
Lesson-19: Body Awareness with Mantra Practice
Body Awareness With Mantra.m4v
44 mins
Lesson-20: Mudra Theory
Mudra Theory.m4v
25 mins
Lesson-21: Mudra Meditation Practice
Mudra Meditation Practice.m4v
23 mins
Lesson-22: Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation.m4v
30 mins
Lesson-23: Mantra Chanting
Mantra Chanting.m4v
29 mins
Article on Mantra by Sudhir
Chanting of Peace Mantras (Shanti Mantras)
Assignment 15A
Lesson-24: Being with your breath practice - 2
Being With Your Breath-2.mp4
28 mins
Lesson-25: Breath with Soham-2
Breath With Soham-2.mp4
25 mins
Lesson-26: Mantra Meditation
Mantra Meditation-1.m4v
46 mins
Mantra Meditation-2.m4v
26 mins
Mantra Meditation-3.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-27: Teaching Meditation
How To Teach Meditation.m4v
26 mins
Steps In Teaching Meditation.mp4
18 mins
Lesson-28: Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation -1.m4v
31 mins
Chakra Meditation-2.m4v
47 mins
Chakra Meditation during a Yoga Teacher Training Course-1
Chakra Meditation during a Yoga Teacher Training Course-2
Lesson-29: Pranayama and Meditation
Pranayama and Mountain Meditation.m4v
34 mins
Lesson-30: Yoga Nidra
Meditation and Yoga Nidra.docx
10.7 KB
Yoga Nidra-1.mp4
23 mins
Yoga Nidra-2.mp4
25 mins
Final Exam (Assessment)