40hr Pranayama (Advanced) Teacher Training Course by Sthira Yoga Courses

40hr Pranayama (Advanced) Teacher Training Course

By the time you complete this course you would have taken your practice to the next level, learnt advanced pranayama techniques,  Shodashi Kriya (Level 1), Pranayamas for different conditions like insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, respiratory issues and teaching pranayama to children. Focus is on how to share Pranayama practices with your students. In addition to all this you will practise a number of  Rejuvenating techniques.  

Course Offerings

At the end of the training, you will be able to
  • Understand and Practice Shodashi Kriya (Level 1)
  • Practice and teach Short and full version of Shodashi kriya
  • Teach Pranayamas for different health conditions
  • Practice different Rejuvenating Practices
  • Adapt your teaching to different needs of health and well-being
  • Improve the quality and deepen your self-practice
  • Take your practice to it’s next level
  • Have clarity and confidence to teach Pranayama
  • Sequence and guide a Pranayama class
  • Teach different types of target audience
 The Curriculum
  • Basics of Pranayama and a complete refresher practice
  • Introduction to Shodashi Kriya
  • Advanced Pranayama practices
  • Chandrabheda and Suryabheda pranayamas
  • 6 practice sessions of rejuvenating practices
  • Pranayamas for children, stress and anxiety, depression, respiratory issues and insomnia.
  • How to teach pranayama and sequence a class
  • FAQs on pranayama teaching
  • Practice of the complete version of shodashi kriya

Course Contains:

Video Icon 41 videos File Icon 8 files Text Icon 19 text files


Lesson-1: Orientation & Course Manual
Orientation Guide for 40 P (Adv).docx
18.5 KB
40 Pranayama (Advanced) - Manual.pdf
760 KB
Lesson-2: Introduction
Course Structure.mp4
13 mins
Introduction to Pranayama.m4v
53 mins
Lesson 2 : Introduction : Quiz
Lesson-3: Anatomy & Physiology of Respiratory system
Basics of the Respiratory System.mp4
27 mins
Basics of Nervous System.mp4
19 mins
How Do Your Lungs Work
Diaphragm (anatomy)
Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system
Mechanism of Breathing
Lesson-4: 60min guided Pranayama practice
Full Pranayama Practice - 60Min.m4v
(1h 00m 04s)
Lesson-5: Introduction to Shodashi Kriya
Intro To Shodashi Kriya.mp4
16 mins
Lesson-6: Practice of the Kriya
How To Practice Shodashi Kriya.mp4
23 mins
Lesson-7: Yogic Breathing (Lying down) Practice
Yogic Breathing(Lying Down) Practice.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-8: The Kriya Practice-1
The Kriya Practice-1.m4v
35 mins
Lesson-9: HIB (Lying down) Practice
HiB (Lying Down).m4v
26 mins
Lesson-10: The Kriya Practice-1 (Repeat)
The Kriya Practice-1.m4v
35 mins
Lesson-11: Teaching Pranayama (General class) -1
Teaching Pranayama - General Class-1.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-12: Yogic Breathing (Sitting)
Yogic Breathing- (Sitting).m4v
25 mins
Lesson-13: The Kriya Practice -1 (Repeat)
The Kriya Practice-1.m4v
35 mins
Lesson-14: HIB Sitting (Practice)
HIB (Sitting).m4v
32 mins
Lesson-15: Chandrabheda Pranayama
Chandrabheda Pranayama.m4v
32 mins
Lesson-16: Suryabheda Pranayama
Suryabheda Pranayama.m4v
27 mins
Lesson-17: Practical Aspects of Pranayama-1
Practical Aspects Of Pranayama - 1.m4v
(1h 02m 42s)
Lesson-18: Nadi Shodhana
Nadi Shodhana.m4v
33 mins
Lesson-19: Practical Aspects of Pranayama-2
Practical aspects (Teaching Pranayama) - 2.mp4
26 mins
Lesson-20: Practical aspects of Pranayama-3
Practical aspects (Teaching Pranayama) - 3.mp4
23 mins
Lesson-21: The Kriya (Advanced) Practice
33 mins
Lesson-22: Endocrine system
Human Endocrine System Made simple- Endocrinology Overview
Human Endocrine System Made simple PART 2
Basics of Endocrine System.mp4
21 mins
Lesson-23: The Kriya Practice (Repeat)
The Kriya Practice-1.m4v
35 mins
33 mins
Lesson-24: Rejuvenating Practices-1
Rejuvenating Practices-1 (Visualizing Sushumna).m4v
28 mins
Lesson-25: Rejuvenating Practices-2
Rejuvenating Practices-2 (Activating Pranas).m4v
30 mins
Lesson-26: Rejuvenating Practices-3
Rejuvenating Practices-3 (Chakra Awareness).m4v
29 mins
Lesson-27: Yogic Breathing & HIB Practice (Repeat)
Yogic Breathing(Lying Down).m4v
26 mins
HIB (Lying Down).m4v
26 mins
Lesson-28: Teaching Pranayama to Children
Teaching Pranayama To Children.m4v
17 mins
Lesson-29: Pranayama for Stress and Anxiety
Pranayama For Stress And Anxiety.m4v
30 mins
Lesson-30: Pranayama for Depression
Pranayama For Depression.m4v
23 mins
Lesson-31: Complete Kriya Practice
Complete Kriya Practice.m4v
46 mins
Lesson-32: Pranayama for Insomnia
Pranayama for Insomnia.m4v
30 mins
Lesson-33: Pranayama for Respiratory Issues
Pranayama for Respiratory Issues.m4v
28 mins
Lesson-34: 60min Pranayama Practice
Full Pranayama Practice - 60Min.m4v
(1h 00m 04s)
Lesson-35: Rejuvenating Practices-4
Rejuvenating Practices-4(Healing Intention).m4v
37 mins
Lesson-36: Rejuvenating Practices-5
Rejuvenating Practices-5 (Ida Pingala Rotation & Directing Healing Energy).m4v
41 mins
Lesson-37: Rejuvenating Practices-6
Rejuvenating Practices-6 (Nourishing The Heart).m4v
28 mins
Lesson-38: Complete Kriya Practice
Complete Kriya Practice.m4v
46 mins
Final Exam