40hr Meditation (Advanced) Teacher Training Course by Sthira Yoga Courses

40hr Meditation (Advanced) Teacher Training Course

By the time you complete this course you would have taken your practice to the next level. You will learn theory, practice and to teach number of meditation techniques like Mantra meditation, Mudra meditation, Chakra meditation, Panchakosha meditation and Trataka technique. 

Course Offerings

At the end of the training, you will be able to
  • Learn the Comprehensive and Advanced Technique of “Pancha Kosha Dhyana”
  • Practice and teach Trataka
  • Improve the quality and deepen your self-practice
  • Take your practice to its next level
  • Have clarity and confidence to teach
  • Sequence and guide a Meditation class
  • Understand different obstacles in Meditation and to overcome them

The curriculum
  •  Refresher class on the basics of Meditation
  • Mudra theory and meditation
  • Meditation methods and techniques
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Pranayama and meditation
  • Role of Asana, Pranayama and diet in meditation
  • Obstacles in meditation and to overcome them
  • Theory of Pancha Kosha
  • Learning  and  practice of Pancha kosha Dhyana
  • Practice short and full version of Pancha Kosha Dhyana
  • Elaborate explanation of how to teach meditation.
  • FAQs on teaching meditation
  • Practice of Trataka
  • How to teach Trataka
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Different techniques of “Mindfulness-Meditation” practices
  • Complete pranayama practice
  • Jala neti & Sutra neti

Course Contains:

Video Icon 46 videos File Icon 6 files Text Icon 20 text files

Course Contents

Lesson-1: Orientation & Course Manual
Orientation Guide.docx
19.5 KB
40hr Meditation (Advanced) - Manual.pdf
717 KB
Lesson-2: Introduction-1
Lesson-2 (Introduction To Meditation).m4v
58 mins
Lesson-3: 30Min Pranayama Practice
Lesson-3(30 min Pranayama Practice).m4v
37 mins
Lesson-4: Benefits of Meditation
Benefits Of Meditation.m4v
40 mins
12 Science-based benefits of Meditation
Meditation Balances Body's Systems
Lesson-5: Being with Breath -1 (Practice)
Being With Breath-1.m4v
31 mins
Lesson-6: Role of Asana, Pranayama and Diet in Meditation
Role Of Asana, Pranayama And Diet In Meditation.m4v
21 mins
Lesson-7: Introduction to Meditation-2 (FAQs)
Intro To Meditation - 2 (FAQs).m4v
41 mins
Lesson-8: Introduction to Meditation-3 (FAQs)
Intro To Meditation -3(Faqs).m4v
(1h 04m 05s)
Lesson-9: Pranayama & Meditation
Pranayama & Mountain Meditation.m4v
34 mins
Lesson-10: Mudra Theory-1
Mudra Theory-1.m4v
25 mins
Lesson-11: Mudra Meditation-1
Mudra Meditation-1.m4v
23 mins
Lesson-12: Yoga Nidra-1 (Practice)
Yoga Nidra -1 (Practice).m4v
23 mins
Lesson-13: 60min Pranayama Practice
Full Pranayama Practice - 60Min.m4v
(1h 00m 04s)
Lesson-14: Being with Breath -2 (Practice)
Being With Breath-2 (Practice).m4v
28 mins
Lesson-15: Panchakosha Theory
Pancha Kosha Theory.m4v
22 mins
Lesson-16: Panchakosha Dhyana (Short) Practice
Panchakosha Dhyana-Short.m4v
30 mins
Lesson-17: Meditation Methods & Techniques
Meditation Methods & Techniques.m4v
25 mins
Mindfulness And Meditation.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-18: Mantra Chanting-1
Mantra Chanting-1.m4v
29 mins
Article on Mantras by Swami Sudhir
Lesson-19: Mantra Meditation-1
Mantra Meditation-1.m4v
46 mins
Lesson-20: Obstacles in Meditation & How to Overcome them
Obstacles In Meditation And How To Overcome Them.m4v
31 mins
Lesson-21: Chakra Meditation-1
Chakra Meditation-1.m4v
47 mins
Chakra Meditation conducted in Teacher Training course
Lesson-22: Mudra Meditation-2 (Practice)
Mudra Meditation - 2.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-23: Mudra Theory-2
Mudra Theory-2.m4v
21 mins
Lesson-24: Trataka Theory & Practice
Trataka Theory & Practice.m4v
56 mins
Lesson-25: Breath with Soham-3
Breath With Soham-3.m4v
29 mins
Lesson-26: How to Teach Meditation-1
How To Teach Meditation-1.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-27: Teaching Meditation-2
Teaching Meditation-2.m4v
28 mins
Lesson-28: Teaching Meditation-3 (Steps)
Teaching Meditation-3-Steps.m4v
18 mins
Teaching Chakra Meditation.m4v
24 mins
Lesson-29: Panchakosha Dhyana (Long)
Panchakosha Dhyana-Long.m4v
59 mins
Lesson-30: Chakra Meditation-2
Chakra Meditation - 2.m4v
40 mins
Lesson-31: Teaching Trataka
Teaching Trataka.m4v
17 mins
Lesson-32: Practical Aspects of Teaching Meditation-4 (FAQs)
Practical Aspects Of Teaching Meditation (FAQs) - 4.m4v
46 mins
Lesson-33: Mantra Meditation-2 & 3
Mantra Meditation-2.m4v
26 mins
Mantra Meditation-3.m4v
26 mins
Lesson-34: Jala Neti & Sutra Neti
Jala Neti & Sutra Neti.m4v
35 mins
Lesson-35: Yoga Nidra-2 (Practice)
Yoga Nidra -2.m4v
25 mins
Lesson-36: Breath with Soham-4
Meditation (Breath With Soham-4).m4v
25 mins
Lesson-37: Panchakosha Dhyana (Long) Repeat
Panchakosha Dhyana-Long-Repeat.m4v
59 mins
Lesson-38: Teaching Panchakosha Dhyana
Teaching Pancha Kosha Dhyana - 1.m4v
13 mins
Teaching Panchakosha Dhyana - 2.m4v
15 mins
Lesson-39: Chakra Meditation-3 (Practice)
Lesson-42 (Chakra Meditation -3).m4v
31 mins
Lesson-40: Guided Meditations
Guided Meditation - I Am Space.m4v
31 mins
Guided Meditation - Gratitude.m4v
30 mins
Lesson-41: Mudra Meditation-3
Mudra Meditation - 3.m4v
37 mins
Lesson 42: Brain Waves and Meditation
Brain Waves and Meditation.m4v
54 mins
Final Exam (Assessment)
Final Exam (Assessment)